Ever felt frustrated with the auto-selected thumbnails for link shares? I know you have. Because many websites still haven’t properly setup Open Graph meta tags for their pages, the “randomly” selected thumbnail images for link shares are often

Looking for inspiration, messages for love and to help you get through a tough day - this is

Just because I like your Facebook status does not mean I want to sleep, date, or hangout with you. 3983 up, 3167

Mom: I see that you re all dressed up, where are you going? Daughter: To the bathroom, I need a new Facebook picture. 299 up, 138

Picmix is a place where you can find pictures for your status updates. There are inspirational quotes of the day and art games. PicMix contains a free ebook and other

Intro: Adding a picture to a Facebook Status Update My sister recently cut her hair. I want pictures, but she doesn t know how to add them to a Facebook status update. So, this instructable is for her,. The screen will update to the first picture

Создавай свои уникальные фотостатусы, используй чужие. Show more. Access to PhotosThe app requires access to your photos Access to Friend ListThe app requires access to your friends list Access to Audio FilesThe app requires access to your audio

Статусы загружаются.... Подождите ....

А пока может посмотреть самое смешное видео : picturestatuspicturestatuspicturestatus